How to make a Butt Joint DIY

Butt Joints is the most basic method for connecting two pieces of wood together, and while it isn’t the strongest of joints to use, it is very handy in some situations. You can learn how to make a butt joint by using a good technique to ensure that your butt joints are as rigid and strong as possible.

Standard Butt JointA butt joint is where one piece of wood is butted up against another piece of wood and affixed with glue. The joint is strengthened by screws or nails.


Glue Strengthens the Joint

The strength of a butt joint comes from the glue in the joint. However, there are two problems with using glue as the only means of holding the connection.

First, when glue is applied to the end grain of a board, it tends to soak into the stock far more than glue applied to the side of the grain. The end grain is the most porous part of the wood, so you may need to apply a bit more glue than normal.

Second, the glue will not provide much in the way of lateral strength. As such, it is advisable to use some screws or nails to strengthen the joint.

If using hardwood for your project, be certain to pre-drill the pilot holes before inserting screws into the joint, or you’ll split the stock and have a bigger problem on your hand than a weak butt joint.

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